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It's Magic WOW
My birthday wish for Cody the Magician to do magic
Family entertainment and magic with Cody

“I don’t do magic to create experiences, I do experiences to create MAGIC” (Nevin Cody 2016)

Hello, welcome & thank you for dropping by. Cody the Magician is one of Ireland’s premier family and children’s entertainers. He loves to perform and inspire minds through laughter, fun and magic. From the smallest house party to larger events Cody offers a number of incredible party solutions to you, so please do not hesitate in contacting us today to discuss. With a click or a call book Cody to appear and all your entertainment concerns will vanish.

(Ta Dah!). Don’t panic, stay calm, sit back and enjoy- it’s show time.

WHY MAGIC? Close your eyes and think back to an amazing wonderful happy event/ day /time in your life. Remember the occasion, the place, who’s there see their faces their smiles. Every person on the planet experiences many wonderful moments of joy, laughter and happiness & much of what we do in life is to look for ways to recreate these together with new experiences & moments of joy, happiness and love. In an instance with the power of our memories we are transported back to moments in time.                                              

Why MAGIC ? That’s why!

Magic is our heart and our minds. Conjuring memories is what Cody does now that’s the real MAGIC!                                                                       Don’t book an entertainer to just fill time, look to create memories that all your family & friends can take away, share & never forget.


Cody the magician fun with party magic helpers
Cody the Magician the kids party has started
Cody's Magic is amazing

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Cody is member of The Magic Circle

Cody is a proud member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and also the famous & prestigious fraternity   

“The Magic Circle”

Cody member of International Brotherhood of Magicians